The Dark Passenger 

The void within some is bottomless and black. A forever thirst that can never be filled. What once was innocent transformed into a troll like state.

Predators hammering on keyboards with one intention.
A cowardly mission to destroy people’s lives.

I don’t hate or hold grudges as I know that their outward expressions and actions are like reflections in the mirror.
Children that never left a moment in their lives and it followed into adulthood.
Even when you walk away they fixate and stalk. Patterns that they wear on their sleeves that not only corrupt their very existence but that of loved ones as well.
Expectations……Lost expectations, letting oneself down and blaming others. This is not how to meet yourself.
Rule #3

Accept people for who they are and not who you want them to be.

As a parent I have learnt this to well.
Watching grown men acting like children throwing tantrums.
These cowards want to fill your vascular with the same burning despair. All they have is self doubt and low self opinions. That self doubt has its lips curled back flashing its teeth at them as it runs circles around them.

Children in a way don’t know better or have been taught to be this way.

Adults should know better!
A Norm Average / Gordon Nolan