What makes a super hero?


Is it something unnatural or created from a freak accident? Zeus’s son or cosmic radiations! Can this be passed on to your offspring or will they see you parish before you spread.

The word Superhero has just recently emerged but the idea hasn’t.Written into hieroglyphs, scriptures,literature,comic books,cartoons,movies and into the child’s mind playing with a Batman toy. It doesn’t matter what culture,colour,language or religion.

The Everyday Man/Woman can make a difference.

The Phantom in 1936 followed by Superman in 1938 are among the first in North America. In the 40’s Superman was a radio sensation and helped Stetson Kennedy to help bring down kkk members.
Stetson Kennedy used what was around him and harnessed his powers to bring down a large group.
Almost like David and Goliath? He used what was around him.

Would it be so hard to believe that an Average Man/Woman can make a difference?

My dad taught me “If people don’t understand you-It’s because you haven’t found the word for them to understand”

Could Superhero be that word?
It’s traveled the world to all corners. From all makes of people. The story doesn’t change or the meaning in other languages.

In my page at the top I used Gandhi’s quote “Be the change you want to see in the world” I believe that’s what it takes to be a superhero. You could look at Mother Teresa the same. Both average people by standards till they used there abilities to help change the world. Not an unnatural strength but the want to do good.

I started Norm Average to help my kids see this. The idea that a regular person like anyone of us could make a difference.
I created the rules to help guide them towards that.

“Anyone can be a superhero,it starts at home”


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