“The road to hell is lead by good intentions”

That line between a good choice and a bad one is so thin that a person could dance on both sides under the cover of a magic trick.

In choosing our heroes we need to be careful that they are not wolves in sheeps clothing.
Even a parents efforts to protect their children can alienate and cause harm.

Some of us don’t realize that the grey areas we create actually draw us closer to the side we are fighting.
If these grey areas exist we bring to us the arguments that give them nobility.

These evils hide within every group and within all of our countries and neighbourhoods.

The word Predator has many subsections and the science behind it surpasses that of what a hero should be.

“A person or group that robs,victimizes or exploits for personal gain”

“A person who, in the opinion of others,has special achievements, abilities, or personal qualities and is regarded as arole model or ideal public image”

Now this being said,I believe that their are heroes and villains in all of us.

To become a man or woman we must conquer FEAR and SELF CONTROL.

And in doing so we can learn to accept people for who they are and not who we want them to be.

We will always come across predators in our society and we can’t allow how they affect us to change the course in which side you choose to be.

I am an average ordinary person, who by following these rules believe being a hero is possible.


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