Crossing the Tracks

Train Tracks

What is the level of bad a person can be before crossing the tracks? Can good deeds out way the deeds of the past? Can a zebra change its stripes?
Or is there another side of the tracks?
Is it as simple as black and white?
The character Punisher was born of Frank Castle,when his family was killed by a crime syndicate.
Went from police undercover to vigilantly killer.
In Genesis 7:21-23, God drowns the entire population of the earth: men, women, children, Only a single family survives.
Is there a level of judgement or a control factor?
The Cold War 1947-53 glamorized the “spy” or “secret agent” who lied,stole and killed.
In what some people would say is good.
Being that there are always two sides to a story “tracks” where laid to ward from going the wrong way. A warning sign.
But tracks have also laid different cultures and beliefs. Countries formed and sense of right and wrong varies towards what side of the tracks your on.

Since we all as a people choose to be separate in our beliefs and cultures and countries. Choose to continue on like children fighting over Lego.
Keep pushing the line in both directions on what is good or bad.
And knowing I have to send my children into this chaotic sense of entitlement.

I teach my kids that there are only heroes and villains!
Those who give to the world and those who take.

I hope we can all agree on this and if not Know that at least this one man in this world is teaching his kids to be heroes. In hopes that more will catch on.


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