Hiding in plain sight

Disappointment and the breakdown of any relationship can cause anyone to hide within themselves.

We build walls to protect ourselves and safeguards to distance others from us.

We create reason why we shouldn’t and this is were fear lies in our life.

The idea of protecting ourselves crosses over into segregation. A separation from the crowd!

Misery loves company and it’s so easy to become addicted to these feelings.

Let yourself Heal so you can be free to Love 💕

Freedom is dancing in the rain without the fear of getting wet.

Feeling the warmth of the Flames knowing the danger of being burnt.

Loving others regardless of the past!

“Your Heart is free find the courage to follow it”


Early Years of Parenting

So driving today and I pass by an auto shop that brought back a memory ❤️

Early in my parenting years my kids went everywhere with me, even on sales calls.

Stress can build as any parent knows!

Just came back from a sales call and we are stuck in traffic waiting through rush hour. I need to go home and make dinner and get these kids bathed and to bed 🛏

Traffic just starts moving and my truck starts slipping. Torque converter (linkage between transmission and engine)went and I’m stuck in traffic with four diapers 😜 and a sinking ship.

A Good Samaritan ropes my truck and pulls me to the shop. Panicked and feeling pretty helpless, we sat their for a couple hours waiting on a ride.

Now this is the best part 😂

So in all the confusion the one thing I didn’t check was my automatic 4×4.

My daughter kicking her feet to the music 🎶 had put it into neutral 😂

So remember….

When life gets confusing and seems out of control.

Take a moment and Breathe.

It might just be as simple as noticing your in neutral ✊️

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Think like a Dad, not like a Man

Evolving into a Dad

is more than societies battle of what a Man should be!

Think like a Dad and not like a Man.

The survival of any nation, culture or idea has always succeeded through the next generation.

Kids are the Future and they are our best lessons.

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A message to my children

I am your father and your uncle.

I have held your hand when scared and picked you up when down. I will always be there in the dark as well as light. I am your friend and your teacher but most importantly I am the beginning of your story and I take that to my heart.

You will wander and stumble and life won’t be easy. It’s a mixture of different realities. Methods of teaching and family dynamics that are constantly changing as our human race finds itself in its ever changing quest.

Sometimes you will fit in and without question trust in others and at times you will be crushed by the character others have chosen to be.

Throughout all of these moments of learning new people and figuring out situations remember the rules.

Trust in them as they will help you understand why choices are made and the tools others where given to go out into the world.

Listen to the voices and hear what your surroundings are saying. Words are magic and can be misinterpreted when painted just right.

Patterns and behaviours will tell you everything you need as they don’t lie. For Most it’s an autopilot setting in the brain. A program within directing the person towards the feelings they are most addicted too.

Like any addict they will deny this and it’s not your responsibility to change their minds.

Everyone wakes up at different times but waking a sleepwalker can be dangerous.

Everyone needs to go through either experiences or education to reach their own conclusion.

There is no way to live. No way I can tell you that’s right short of not harming others. Your life is yours. A journey that no one can understand other than you. I can believe in you and give advice but your choices are yours and you will have to own that.

No matter what path you choose in life the rules I have taught you are guide lines to achieve your end destination. It’s your choice to follow them and regardless I love you but these rules will lessen the weight.

Help you see through the patterns of life and build a foundation of self for your world and those around you.

I Love You




-is a taught behaviour like empathy. This should never be forgotten as our children imprint from both parents as well as all the people around them.

If you feel the need to prove your x is a narcissist please remember that this action is also a narcissist behaviour and considered social bullying.

Your children will also pick up on the fact of your efforts and this in it self might create issues in parenting.

There is only one real way to deal with a narcissist and that is to accept them for who they are and not who you want them to be. The constant expectations to change that person and your feelings of defeat only fuel this persons gift.

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The Second Stage of Learning

Photo 2017-11-21, 7 41 43 PM“We are all fingers on a hand and together we are strong”

I became a single father 10 years ago and it felt like my life had stopped.

It was only a part of my life that had stopped, the proverbial rat race that I was addicted to. Running a business fulfilled my gifts and felt like purpose.

When life “paused” something great happened.

Yes I went through the withdraws like every single parent goes through. You want to play like an adult and it seems like everyone else around you is having fun. The lesson you teach go painstakingly slow and your at your child’s screaming command.

I went from talking with customers and running crews to parent teacher meetings and running a new type of crew. I had four children at that point in life.

It was this moment that also gave so much.

Like my first day of high school bumbling around , as so was I in this first part of parenting.

The second lesson in life!

A moment of relearning all the lessons of childhood over again through the eyes of your children.

A graduation from selfishness and ego entwined in a society view of finding ones self, too it not being about you.

This education molded me, honed my gifts in ways I never knew I could achieve.

Hammered on my brain with such a unique tapping of sweet voices of asking the same questions over and over;

Can I have a treat?

Dad what are you doing?

I’ve got to go pee.

Gifts aside what parents go through in raising children creates what I like to call the “Jedi Brain”.

It’s worth every moment.

Through this lesson Norm Average was born and the phrase “We are all fingers on a hand and together we are strong”

My kids being my fingers and me being the thumb.

At this time Norm Average was only born and the way I was saying the phrase was still selfish. Only including my family and not the world around us.

As in the beginning of everyone’s Second Stage of learning!

Over the years and lessons this became more and reached a larger circle mixing in neighbours, parents and my children’s friends. Looking at the world with New eyes realizing where my gifts belonged.

I had always used my gifts for monetary reasons.

The Rat race ideology!

Parenting had given me a love for people and an understanding of how beautiful and unique we all are.

How fallacious and helpless we can all be at any given moment in life.

We are all someone’s child!

I took a platform that I had built for my children and started teaching the world.

The gifts that had been honed for years in my “Jedi” training had become more than just mine. My world was more than just my family and I knew that it was mine as well as your responsibility to help create a better world for our children.

“Anyone can be a Superhero it starts at Home”

My platform was built for kids as a Father wanting to leave a gift for his children. A recipe that can be applied to every aspect of life without conflicting with anyone’s person, cultural or religious beliefs. Taking all the ego and gender out of the equation because Superheroes exists in all country’s and with all genders. The Heroes Journey and we all live our own type of existence in that realm.

Years have passed and I know help parents all over the world.

I’ve watched families grow and helped coach many others in getting their dreams going.

My kids are reaching their mid teens and also teach and follow the platform. Achieving their dreams one step at a time.

Helping others is amazing!

Learning how to use your gifts to help others is life changing.

The Dark Passenger 

The void within some is bottomless and black. A forever thirst that can never be filled. What once was innocent transformed into a troll like state.

Predators hammering on keyboards with one intention.
A cowardly mission to destroy people’s lives.

I don’t hate or hold grudges as I know that their outward expressions and actions are like reflections in the mirror.
Children that never left a moment in their lives and it followed into adulthood.
Even when you walk away they fixate and stalk. Patterns that they wear on their sleeves that not only corrupt their very existence but that of loved ones as well.
Expectations……Lost expectations, letting oneself down and blaming others. This is not how to meet yourself.
Rule #3

Accept people for who they are and not who you want them to be.

As a parent I have learnt this to well.
Watching grown men acting like children throwing tantrums.
These cowards want to fill your vascular with the same burning despair. All they have is self doubt and low self opinions. That self doubt has its lips curled back flashing its teeth at them as it runs circles around them.

Children in a way don’t know better or have been taught to be this way.

Adults should know better!
A Norm Average / Gordon Nolan